“Magic Tom” cheese croquettes

They’re all the rage: our brand new “Magic Tom” cheese croquettes. They’re as delicious and cheese-filled as our most famous burger.

Our Cheese Croquettes will win your heart!

Chicken Nuggets

Genuine golden and crispy breaded chicken nuggets that will make even burger fans who don’t like starters fall in love!

Of course, they’re accompanied by our must-have homemade sauces: HUGGYS and homemade tartar.

Chicken Wings

Our Chicken Wings are indulgence personified: tender wings in HUGGYS spices and a delicious sweet chilli sauce that really brings out the flavour.

They’re a great stop-gap while you wait for your Burger – and we recommend eating them with your fingers!

Discovery Platter

No, you’re not dreaming: you really can enjoy all our delicious starters on one slate!

Our Discovery Platter is a great way to share the full HUGGYS experience with friends. Tuck into our Meatballs in BBQ sauce, Chicken Wings, Nachos with cheddar sauce, Cheese Croquettes, Chicken Nuggets and crispy Onion Rings.


Where will the Huggy's Bar open next?

Where would you like to see your favourite gourmet Burgers restaurant?


Meatballs in BBQ sauce

Our Meatballs in BBQ sauce are a HUGGYS favourite that everyone should try at least once.

Stuffed with cheddar and jalapeños and topped with our famous BBQ sauce, this is a spicy sharing starter that’s packed with flavour.

Nachos with cheddar sauce

No visit to HUGGYS is complete without trying our Nachos with cheddar sauce. If there’s any starter that’s simply irresistible, it’s this one!

Topped with jalapeños, home-made cheddar sauce and bacon on request.

Onion Rings

Our Onion Rings are a typical American starter: perfect for keeping hunger at bay while you wait for your Burger.

Our crispy Onion Rings are packed with flavour, and they taste even better dipped in our home-made tartare sauce! A sure-fire winner.

PS: Our onion rings are vegan!

Sampler Platter

Our most gourmet starters to share on a single plate: Nachos topped with homemade Cheddar sauce, melting Onion Rings & gourmet “Magic Tom” cheese croquettes.